What does it cost for this service?

The cost for this service depends on your particular situation.  With material & labor costs rapidly escalating as well as changing code regulations we need to ask you a few questions.  We can usually get you a reliable quote over the phone in just a few minutes.

How long does it take to replace a tank in the basement?

An average job can usually be completed in a half day or less.

I don’t have a bulkhead.  Can we still get a new tank in?

Probably.  The tank manufacturers make several different sizes and shapes for difficult access jobs.

Can the old tank be taken out in one piece or will it need to be cut up?

We will make our best effort to take the tank out in one piece if possible.  Many times the old tank must be cut up to be removed.

Will there be a mess if you cut the tank up?

No.  We have cut up literally thousands of basement tanks over the years and we have the experience to get the job done without a mess.

Is it dangerous to cut the tank up in the house?

No.  Again, we have cut up literally thousands of tanks.  Many people are surprised but this is an extremely safe procedure.

If my tank is cut up, what should I expect?

It will be noisy and a bit unpleasant for a half an hour or so.  You will smell oil but it will quickly dissipate.

Do I need a permit?

Probably, but we handle that for you.

Is the old tank recycled?

Yes.  The old tank will be cut open, cleaned out, and brought to an approved facility for disposal and ultimately recycled.

What about the sludge in the tank?

Typically an old tank will have about 10 gallons of sludge or contaminated fuel.  Many companies carelessly put this product right back into the new tank.  This will greatly shorten the life of the new tank.  We take extra care to separate this sludge material and dispose of it properly.

What happens to the good fuel in my tank?  Will it all be lost?

No.  We carefully separate the bottom 10 gallons of dirty fuel from the rest and then safely return the good oil back into your new tank.

Does my tank need to be near empty before you do the work?

No.  We pump the oil into a temporary holding tank in our truck and then pump back any good oil into your new tank.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes we guarantee all our work and our materials for 2 years.  There is also a manufacturers warranty.

Do you offer double wall tanks?

Yes.  Although most homeowners will choose the standard single wall steel tank, we do offer double wall tanks like the “Roth” tank.

What about “tank tubs”?

Yes we install tank tubs for outside applications.

How long do these tanks last?

Most tanks will last at least 20 years but many are still safely in service after 40 or 50 years.

Do these tanks ever  just “let go”?

Sometimes, but usually you will notice an odor and then upon further investigation you will notice a wet spot developing on the bottom of the tank.

Why doesn’t my oil company do this work?

Many do but some prefer to farm out this work because it is difficult if you do not have the right equipment and personnel.

Why can’t I just have my friend who is a plumber do this job?

Your friend may have liability insurance but it is very unlikely he has pollution insurance.  If you have any problems like a spill you may be out of luck.

Tell me about your pollution coverage?

We carry a $1,000,000 contractors pollution liability policy to protect you.